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The favorite of the drinker, hot sake. It is considered to be common that sake is drunk cold, but the warmed sake bring out the flavor of the rice as like as hot rice is more delicious. "Benten musume"  that we brewer is all made in a hometown from liquor rice to water, a manufacturer. We think about quality of liquor primary, and we tried to make Junmaishu "that is still good when it's warmed". So that the steamed rice is allowed to cool naturally and mash is narrowed down with a wooden tank.






When you have our sake, you should drink It warmed. It has been said, "the cold water is bad for health" from old days, but the warmed sake makes you feel at ease. Because its temperature becomes near to it of your body, It is easy to be absorbed in stomach when the warmed sake. And also It tastes mild and goes well with dishes. The optimum temperature is different by the sake. 

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